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Modular Family of Products and Systems

The Chelton family of products are designed for hostile environments and are available as wireless systems through to complex networked command villages. The interoperability between the systems are maintained and commonality of parts ensures that logistic costs are minimised while maintaining a large cross section of applications.

Wireless Systems

The Chelton Wireless Integrated Communications Systems(CWICS) is a standalone radio sub-system or it is available integrated as a part of other Chelton vehicle systems for the dismounted soldier. The product is available as a full duplex data enabled conferencing system or as a simplex option.


Light Vehicle Systems

The Light Vehicle Variant (LV2) is a rugged digital intercom that is typically used in small platforms such as HMMWV's or RIB's. The system can be expanded as required but is small, light and consumes very little power. Over 4,000 systems have been fielded in the last two years and are currently deployed in the Middle East.


Medium/Heavy Vehicle Systems

The mainstay of the Chelton product range is the proven AN/VIC-3 and ROVIS systems which have been fielded in over 13 countries and in excess of 22,000 systems have been manufactured and delivered. The system provides exceptional levels of safety and capabilities and can be tailored to differing platform requirements


Image of Command Village

Command Post / Networking

The Command Vehicle Variant (CV2) enhancement to the AN/VIC-3/ROVIS product range allows multiple nodes to access the system. These nodes can be shared between radios and or telephony interfaces and the data sub-system. To link the systems above into small command villages the Multi-Vehicle Networking system (MVN) allows products to be interconnected. The infrastructure is an IP based system that interconnects vehicles locally using 10/100 Mbps Ethernet and utilises a wide area access point using 1Gbps Ethernet.


15 May 2004

Wireless functionality Units successfully demonstrated in USA Read more


10 May 2004

The new Crew Chest Unit (CCU) is designed primarily for use by vehicle commanders during head-out operation of the vehicle, it may also be used by any crew-member and connected to any modern FFCS. Read more


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