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Remote Access System - RAS


Remote Access Expansion

The RAS are a series of units that allow external access to the internal communications using either a handset on the rear of the platform or through a pair of twisted D10 field wires that can be up to 400M from the vehicle.

For applications were a simple "tank telephone" interface is required the Infantry Telephone Station (ITS) is mounted externally to the vehicle and provides the necessary access to the system. For user wishing to remote themselves further from the platform the remote Access Field Telephone (RAFT) is connected to the ITS and provides full access to the intercom and the six internal transceivers.

Access to the external communications are controlled by the user in charge of the Full Function Crew Station with Telephone interface (FFCS/T).


Individual unit descriptions

FFCS/T - Full Function Crew Station Telephone

ITS - Infantry Telephone Station

RAFT - Remote Access Field Telephone


Additional capabilities

Data Expansion

Remote Access Expansion

CATS - Configuration & Test system

Audio Ancillaries


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