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Radio Interface Terminal - RIT


Medium Vehicles

Radio Interface Terminal

The RIT provides analogue interfaces for two additional radio transceivers, enabling the two-radio system to be expanded to support four or more radios. For data applications the RIT/D provides up to 64 kbps data transmission to and from the radio to any channel in the system.

The RIT has no user-adjustable controls. It can therefore be mounted in any convenient position and at any point in the highway 'ring', whether above or below a vehicle slip-ring.

Up to two RIT's can be added to a ROVIS installation to give a six radio capability.


Individual unit descriptions

MCS - Master Control Unit

FFCS - Full Function Crew Station

RIT - Radio Interface Terminal

MOS2 - Monitor Only Station 2

CCU - Crew Chest Unit


Additional capabilities

Data Expansion

Remote Access Expansion

CATS - Configuration & Test system

Audio Ancillaries


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