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Full Function Crew Station - FFCS


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FFCS - Full Function Crew Station

The Full Function Crew Station (FFCS), used in conjunction with the CVC/ANR headset, allows all crew members to communicate with each other on the communal Intercom or over any of up to six on board radios. For simultaneous data transfer at rates of up to 64 kbps the FFCS Data (FFCS/D) is a drop in replacement.

The FFCS provides operators with all communication capabilities, limited only by Master Control Station programming. The WORK and MONITOR switches permit the operator to transmit and receive (WORK) any one of six possible radios or, to work one of the six radios whilst monitoring any one (or all) of the others. Monitoring of the intercom can be switched on or off as desired whilst working/monitoring radios.

The INTERCOM switch enables the operator to choose between push-to-talk (PTT), continuous (LIVE), Override (O/R) and voice activated mike keying (VOX) of the intercom. The Digital VOX of each FFCS independently tracks the ambient vehicle noise level at the microphone of the attached headset and automatically adjusts the turn-on threshold so as to preclude inadvertent keying of the intercom.

For Users who operate 'head-out' for significant periods of time, a Crew Chest Unit (CCU) may be connected between the FFCS and the user's headset allowing remote selection of the communication assets from the chest.

The VOLUME control allows independent operator adjustment of headset volume to a maximum of at least 110 dBA SPL at the ear.

In addition to the Headset-mounted PTT switches, the FFCS provides for the connection of existing AN/VIC-1 vehicle PTT foot switches.

Any number of the possible six FFCS's can be mounted either above or below a vehicle slip ring and has mechanical mounting centres such that the unit will directly replace AN/VIC-1, AN/VIC-2, Racal BCC-400 & BCC-600, Clansman and Phillips 3600 Crew Stations.


Individual unit descriptions

MCS - Master Control Unit

FFCS - Full Function Crew Station

RIT - Radio Interface Terminal

MOS2 - Monitor Only Station 2

CCU - Crew Chest Unit


Additional capabilities

Data Expansion

Remote Access Expansion

CATS - Configuration & Test system

Audio Ancillaries


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