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Data Sub-System


Data Expansion

The ROVIS Data Sub-System enables digital data to be transferred around the vehicle using the ROVIS system as the data-bearer.

An existing ROVIS or AN/VIC-3 system can be easily upgraded by the box-for-box replacement of an FFCS (with an FFCS/D) and a RIT (with a RIT/D). These units can also be added to a ROVIS-LV2 system.

The FFCS/D provides all of the standard FFCS features, but also incorporates a data interface on the right-hand side of the unit. The industry standard RS232C interface supports asynchronous digital data transfer at up to 64 Kbps. Data can be transmitted between two FFCS/D's in the system or out over on-board data-capable radios via RIT/D's.

The transmission and reception of data takes place transparently to the user. During data transfer, the voice functions of the FFCS/D & RIT/D remain unaffected.


Individual unit descriptions

FFCS/D - Full Function Crew Station Data

RIT/D - Radio Interface Terminal Data


Additional capabilities

Data Expansion

Remote Access Expansion

CATS - Configuration & Test system

Audio Ancillaries


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