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The ROVIS Configuration And Test System (CATS) is a second generation Support and Test Equipment solution for supporting and maintaining the ROVIS, LV2 and AN/VIC-3 systems.

The ROVIS CATS is a portable, rugged system designed for both Depot and Field repair workshops.

The built in instrumentation and ROVIS, LV2 and AN/VIC-3 interface allows diagnostics both in the vehicle and during LRU/SRU fault finding thereby maintaining a common test philosophy from installation to unit repair.

The essential components of the CATS comprises a Base Station and Portable Test Unit (PTU). When operating in its Depot role the PTU remains attached to the Base Station.

The PTU is removed when being used in its Field role. In order to meet customer specific ROVIS, LV2 or AN/VIC-3 equipment test philosophies, associated software, test cables and fixtures are tailored to meet the requirement.


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