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Audio Ancillaries


Additional capabilities

Headsets, Handsets, PTT Boxes, Loudspeakers and cabling ancillaries that interface with the ROVIS, LV2 and AN/VIC-3 Vehicular Intercom Systems.


  • Designed for use with any ROVIS unit but predominately used with the Remote Access System Infantry Telephone Station (ITS/R) and Remote Access Field Telephone (RAFT)
  • Lightweight ruggedised construction for battlefield operation
  • Provides a rocking armature receiver insert with a rocking armature microphone
  • Provides a two pole PTT switch
  • Attached Coil Cord cable extends to a length of up to 10 metres from handset

ROVIS PTT Boxes and Bailout cable

  • Bailout cable designed for operation with ROVIS system headsets
  • Coiled cord extending to a length of at least 2 metres
  • Provides a Nexus bailout connector at one end for interface with a headset and an AP-136 connector at the other to interface with ROVIS Audio connectors
  • PTT Box provided when headset type does not provide an integral PTT switch
  • PTT Boxes can be tailored to meet customer specific requirements

ROVIS Loudspeaker

  • Can be connected to any ROVIS unit Audio connector
  • Allows system crew members to monitor intercom or radio activity.
  • Provides rotary OFF/ON/VOLUME control
  • Loudspeaker element housed in steel case with louvred front
  • Complete with mounting bracket allowing quick removal and unrestricted placement inside and outside of a vehicle
  • Standard version is powered by ROVIS system but Self Powered version available for use with Remote Access System

ROVIS Cables

  • All types of ROVIS system cables produced
  • Highway, Slip-Ring, Data, Radio, Alarm and Loudspeaker types
  • Standard cables meet MIL-STD-810E Environment and MIL-STD-461C Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Cables can be designed and manufactured to meet customer specific requirements
  • Prototype and volume quantities produced


This is only a selection of the ROVIS Audio Ancillary range, other solutions can be provided and adapted to meet a customers specific needs. Simply let us know and we will match your requirements.


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Audio Ancillaries


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Audio Ancillaries


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