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Speech Intelligibility


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The use of high performance speech encoders, digital noise tracking voice operated switches (VOX) and Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headsets has ensured that the Chelton range of communications systems continually improve on the levels of speech intelligibility. Chelton has invested heavily over the years using Modified Rhyme Testing (MRT) and Rapid Speech Transmission testing (RASTI) to ensure that there is phonetic balance when using the system which provides high speech intelligibility in high noise environments.

Independent tests using MRT have demonstrated that the systems can provide in excess of 91% speech intelligibility in a high noise environment.

The advantages of all this development and proving is that the systems ensure safe communications by reducing the ambient noise heard by the user AND with the high levels of speech intelligibility the mission effectiveness of the platform is greatly enhanced and this leads to a safer working environment for the users.




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